ATC Actros Units

AT ATC, we take great pride in the people we hire and the standard of the fleet we use to provide our logistics services. To this end, we have invested in a fleet of specialist trucks ranging from ‘rigid’ which are suitable for city data centres, to articulated trucks which travel across the length and breadth of Europe. The specifications of our trucks are pivotal to our service offering.

This year we are delighted to announce the introduction of not one but two Mercedes-Benz Actros units, supplied by MUTEC through their new Long Mile Road Sales Centre.

Lets talk specifics. The first of these is an Actros 2533 6×2 2.3m StreamSpace rigid fitted with a temperature controlled body engineered by Lifford Coachworks complete with side marker/indicators.

The second unit is an Actros 1845LS 4×3 2.5m BigSpace tractor unit, fitted with ambient lighting, auxiliary water heater, leather steering wheel and Predictive Powertrain which will tow one of ATC’s coupled trailers, all of which feature five indicators on each side for added visibility and load space cameras. Safety is always key for us.

In a piece covered by, MUTEC Dealer Principal, John Connolly, said: “as well as providing the functional support that ATC requires, these new units have a distinctly up-market appearance projecting a modern image in line with the expectations of customers in the high-tech sector.”

We are thrilled with the new additions to our fleet and have added a new fleet page to our website so please check it out here.

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