ATC Celebrates 5 Years in Frankfurt

Today we mark our 5th anniversary in Frankfurt – our second home.


Frankfurt – The Hub of Data Centre Activity

Frankfurt is ranked as Europe’s busiest data centre location, with “43 providers running its 64 data centres” and is now the largest gigawatt market on the continent. Frankfurt is also home to DE-CIX, Europe’s largest internet exchange.


Moving to Frankfurt

Up until May 2017, Frankfurt was directly supported by our Dublin operations. From a strategic perspective, we knew that Frankfurt was about to experience a period of dramatic growth for our clients, and the time was right to invest. Its physical location enhances Frankfurt’s advantages for power and connectivity with excellent air connections to the rest of the world and road connections to all of Europe.

When we first set up over in Frankfurt, our base was ideally placed at Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe’s top 3 freight gateways, enabling imports worldwide. This base served us well for the first 3 years until the need to expand was evident. In our blog “ATC Opens New Operations HQ in Frankfurt”, we speak about how this move came about as a need “to expand our capacity and enhance resilience in our clients’ supply chains, thus helping them to meet increasing demand.”

Today, we are very proud of our TAPA FSR-ready facility, which combines;

  • 1050m2 temperature controlled warehouse
  • 315m2 secure parts storage area
  • 380m2 office space
  • Dock levellers and loading bays
  • High-speed internet & Wi-Fi connection and redundancy

Building a Team

Today’s celebration wouldn’t be possible without strong leadership on the ground and the dedication of our Frankfurt team.

In 2017, I interviewed Filip, and here we are five years later, going from strength to strength with a team of 28 who cover operations, planning and finance while also supporting multiple client projects simultaneously.

I’m beyond proud and would like to take this opportunity to thank Filip for his contributions to this success story.

Over to you, Filip, Alan.

Thank you, Alan. It has been an exciting journey and a joy to be part of ATC’s Frankfurt story, and we’re just getting started. As Operations Manager, I’m proud to work for a company that is Driving Forward and every day we raise the bar with our service, training and equipment. I’m proud that we are the best in the business. I would not be telling this story without the team’s commitment, and it’s important to me that they understand the difference every one of them makes to our customers, which is why we present employee awards every month to celebrate what they do.

Frankfurt Team 5 Year Highlights

Going Cross Country

The Frankfurt team are proud to support our colleagues across Europe. We travel to support new projects for customers, train with our colleagues, and help our clients bring cloud computing to some exciting places. In quarter two alone, the Frankfurt team supported clients and colleagues in 23 European cities living up to our promise of being a “Proudly European” company.

Exciting Plans on the Horizon

We are just getting started. As we celebrate this 5-year milestone, we look forward to the exciting developments to come:

Expanding Fleet

We are acquiring a long-distance fleet, which will be based here in Frankfurt and will add capacity to ATC’s existing fleet.

Sustainable Operations

Sustainability is important to ATC. In collaboration with the Federal Government and the State of Hessen, we are working on a project to introduce vehicles running on alternative fuels. More on that project soon!

Special Operations Team

We pride ourselves on thinking on our feet and for the future so we can quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients. We are creating a team for special operations that will support clients’ needs across EMEA, including mobilisation, training, and rapid data centre deployment.

At this moment, we would like to thank our clients, partners, team and supporters for helping us to reach this milestone. We can’t wait to see what the next five years bring.


Alan and Filip