New HQ in Dublin

Eighteen months ago, it was becoming evident that we were outgrowing our two facilities in Dublin and that we needed to develop a new building to support our expansion of the team and our service offering. One day while scouting along the N7, I saw a plot of development land to the right-hand side of me for sale. I pulled over to pick up the phone, and within a few days, we had secured our new home. It took countless amounts of paperwork and time, but last week, Christmas came a little earlier, and we got the green light from the planning authorities to move ahead.

Over the next 12 months, we will consolidate all Dublin-based operations into this one custom-built facility near the heart of Dublin’s leading data centre clusters. Here are some of the key priorities that we have put forward for our new HQ:


Environmentally Friendly Premises

We have spoken many times about our unwavering commitment to the environment and our mission of being a carbon-neutral business. It’s imperative to us that our new building is fully equipped with the most modern systems to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Some features include; on-site Solar PV, rainwater recycling, heat pumps and heat recovery systems.


FSR Standard Compliant

We have invested a great deal of time and resources into ensuring that our operations are in line with industry safety and security standards; we have even won awards for it. Upon completion of the building work, we will enlist TAPA to audit our facility and procedures to ensure we meet and exceed the Facility Security Requirements (FSR1). The FSR represent the minimum standards for secure warehousing, in-transit storage within the supply chain and in turn will give our clients continued peace of mind.

New European HQ Announcement

A Welcoming Environment for Staff

Our greatest strength is our staff. Our new HQ will provide a bright and welcoming environment, kitted out with all of the latest equipment to enjoy while also supporting their tasks efficiently and effectively.


Facilitating New Services

Our new HQ will be located on the main artery to Ireland’s data centre hotspot and Dublin Port. But, another critical reason why we are making this move is to facilitate our new and current services. More on this to come over the coming months.

It’s an exciting time here in ATC and a welcome piece of good news in what has been a challenging and unprecedented year for us all. I will be back to you in the coming weeks with more updates and details on some of the key features I have discussed today. For now, I would like to sincerely thank those of you who have left a message of congratulations on social media or by phone. It means a great deal to the team and me.