2021 has gotten off to a hectic but very positive start for ATC. We have navigated our way through a global pandemic and BREXIT, achieved accreditations from the FTAI Truck Safe programme, broke soil for our new European HQ in Dublin, and most recently moved into our new Operations HQ, Mörfelden, Frankfurt.

Today, I wanted to tell you more about our new operations HQ in Frankfurt, a place where we are proud to call our second home.

Why Frankfurt?

You will read our mission to be “the best European white-glove service provider in the data centre sector” on our website. Committing to this statement, we made our first move into Frankfurt back in 2018 to better serve our customers in data centre markets across Europe, among other factors.

With Brexit looming, we understood that we would need a base in mainland Europe to ensure that our service quality was undisrupted by border checks, additional paperwork, and other unforeseen events.

Our drivers also cover much ground in Europe, and so we wanted to have a base where they could come and retrieve spare parts quickly to get back on the road as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Fast-forwarding to 2021, Frankfurt is not only a central point in Europe but also the hot spot for data centres, with a recent article citing it as “Europe’s new data centre capital” ( Not to mention a hub for connectivity and communications, which is of great importance to our day to day operations.


Changing with Demand:

Before this move to our new premises in Mörfelden, we had a base located at Frankfurt Airport. With the growing demands and complexities of our client’s supply chains, moving to this new building within the region made sense to expand our capacity and create resilience in our clients’ supply chains, thus helping them to meet increasing demand.


Key Features of Our New HQ:

Our new premises is 1,100m2 and will be the hub for all of our operational activities in Europe.

ATC are proud TAPA members and adhere to the Facility Security Requirements (FSR), which supply chain security professionals developed to help protect highly sensitive products being stored or processed in warehouse or distribution facilities. Equipped with caged storage areas and biometric access controls, this building is fitted with comprehensive security features following the ‘TAPA FSR Certification’, which gives our clients continued peace of mind.

Location is everything, and for us, our buildings must be close to the main transportation arteries to come and go with minimal disruption. Our new facility is on the main A3 and A5 motorways and just 5km from Frankfurt airport, giving it easy access to the Rhein-Main region, Germany and Central Europe.


New Employment Opportunities:

These success stories would not be possible without the loyal, dedicated and hardworking team we have.

With this increased capacity and demand, we are delighted to be in the position to create additional employment in Frankfurt. We are currently recruiting Transport Planners immediately, and we will have more specialist roles opening in the coming weeks.

We are proud to have laid our roots very firmly in Germany, making us a Proudly European company. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to us with your congratulations, and we are very much looking forward to what the next couple of months and years will bring.