ATC Support AWS InCommunities Initiative

Everyone has a hero that they look up to, and for us, one of those hero’s is Thomas Carroll, who is the AWS InCommunities volunteer group ambassador for Dublin – our hometown.

What is AWS InCommunities?

To give you some background, AWS InCommunities is a global initiative set up by Amazon to build “long-term programs that will have a lasting impact in our regions around the world.” support communities. As part of this terrific initiative, Amazon employees, like Thomas, donate their spare time to support causes that they care about.

Thomas is a great ambassador for this programme leading over 25 projects in the past two years! These projects ranged from refurbishing women’s refuges to installing sensory rooms in local schools to more recently bringing together 100 of his colleagues for a Christmas drive to provide meals and care packs to the homeless.

Knowing Tom from my days as an Amazonian in AWS, his stories on LinkedIn ultimately inspired me. I knew ATC could lend a helping hand by offering our expertise in organising logistics projects and providing our drivers and vehicles to carry out all the AWS team’s transport needs.

It is not every day you get a chance to make a real difference to worthy causes. We were both honoured and humbled to take part in the AWS InCommunities team project and see first-hand the commitment of Tom and his AWS colleagues in supporting the local community.

Our first project took place this week. We assisted with delivering health supplements to over 30 groups, including homeless charities, GAA clubs, and other sports facilities around Dublin, which should keep them in supply for 6 – 12 months!

Tom and his team are an unstoppable force, and we will continue to support them in any way that we can with their logistical needs.