FTAI Award Presentation

We at ATC are continually striving to attain the highest standards in our operational divisions, building on our culture of safety excellence, to the benefit of all. We view safety as a paramount to our success, ensuring our safety management systems are best in class, offering sustainable value added operation services to our customers. Aligning with this strategy, we joined the FTAI in Sept 2018 in order to increase our awareness of optimum safety standards in the area of transport. Utilising our state of the art fleet and our experienced team of drivers, both domestic and international, we wanted to ensure and benchmark our Health and Safety systems with those upheld by FTAI.

In consultation with the FTAI we engaged with their Truck safety programme, which is recognised by the RSA. FTAI developed a graduated accreditation system in order to encourage improvement in the sector and recognise those organisations operating at the highest levels. This starts at Bronze level and leads to Gold level, with continued audits in place to ensure standards are maintained.

From the moment we joined FTAI we set out to gain Bronze accreditation, and start the journey to Gold. This requires systems in place to meet standards in fatigue, road worthiness, driver competence, road traffic rules, safe and legal loads, road haulage operator licensing, professional competence, sustainable operations, contractor and agency management.

The Trucksafe programme has helped us to maintain our transport safety management systems with engagement from all staff, increasing safety awareness in the mindset of us all.

ATC Accredited with Bronze FTAI Standard

In late January, 2018 FTAI arrived at our offices and conducted an independent and fully comprehensive audit of our transport safety management systems, covering all aspects of our operations and administration.

It gave us great satisfaction when we were informed that we passed the audit and received Bronze FTAI accreditation. Knowing that our transport safety systems are aligned with the industry best practices is very rewarding. A real achievement and recognition for all our staffs’ efforts in owning our safety responsibilities.

We are now motivated to achieve Silver accreditation working towards Gold! Continuing our drive for world class safety standards.

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