Logistics Associate Apprenticeship at ATC

Last week, we made the exciting announcement that ATC is now to host an apprenticeship as part of the Dublin Institute of Technologies (DIT) first of its kind Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Programme. Successful candidates will complete the programme with a Level 6 Higher Certificate Qualification in Logistics.

As you may have gathered from blogs I’ve previously written, we put a great emphasis on carving out careers for our employees here in ATC, not just a job. For this reason, the apprenticeship programme is a welcomed addition to our business and we are committed to nurturing our participant with the highest standard of training in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

During the recession, the number of people enrolling in apprenticeships had fallen by over 80%. Thankfully the Minister for Education, Richard Bruton wants to turn this around and has put a lot of resources behind the development of current and new apprenticeship programmes such as this.

Here are some of the benefits that are to be gained from participating in an apprenticeship programme:

  • They combine practical on the job training with formal classes for learning.
  • There is an agreed contract in place between the employer and the apprentice.
  • The apprentice gets paid while they learn.
  • Candidates are training for a specific role that they will receive a recognised qualification for at the end of the programme.

Aside from these benefits, I believe that apprenticeships can provide a new energy and passion for a role that participants may not gain from a traditional degree. People learn in different ways. Personally, I much preferred to learn by doing rather than from the text book. In saying that, I must emphasise that it is important to have in class learning and exams to ensure the apprentices are fully equipped with the knowledge required to undertake the role.

In addition, apprenticeships can bridge the gap between one career and the other. There are many people who have worked in a specific career for years and then decide that it is no longer a right fit for them.

Aristotle said this: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. At ATC, we are committed to putting pleasure in the job. We are passionate about having a team who genuinely enjoy what they do – just listen to Tony’s story.

For more information about the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship and the specific role that we currently have available, please click here.

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