Data Centres and the Supply Chain

Recently we shared an article over on our LinkedIn page entitled “Data Centres worth €7bn says report as IDA fights back”, This article was talking about how there is a necessity in Ireland to build more data centres in regional areas of the country due to Dublin now being at almost full capacity. However locals are arguing that with a new data centre comes a huge level of energy consumption which they believe will outweigh the benefits associated with the number of jobs that are proposed.

The IDA argue that data centres are generating a substantial amount of revenue for the country and, for that reason, the public should be open to this proposition as, ultimately, there are substantial net economic benefits to be gained for Ireland. Furthermore, ICT makes up such a large proportion of our employment in this country and the IT companies creating these opportunities need to be supported with critical infrastructure.

As I mentioned above, some of the big factors for data centre location are power costs, power availability, accessibility and, of course, data! Actually I wrote a blog on this entitled “Ireland Gearing Up to be the Data Centre Hub of Europe by 2020”. However, another important factor for Data Centres to consider is the logistics side of their operations.

It may appear to be a small cost in comparison to everything else, however, it can turn into a big problem and an unnecessary large cost if it is not managed correctly.

A robust supply chain that has complete visibility right the way through and trusted partners with a clean record is a must for any data centre to ensure that savings made on choosing the right location do not come at the cost of a disrupted logistical experience.

Since the inception of ATC, customer service has been at the heart of everything we do and with that we have developed a European network like-minded partners who share the same values. Working with our partners enables us to provide a ‘White Glove’ level of service to our clients whether they are global logistics providers seeking a final mile service or cloud service providers. When combined with local knowledge and capacity, our training, experience and attention to detail help to ensure on-time deliveries all the way to the final floor position.

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