Data Center Technical Services

You may have heard of two little words in the media of late – Big Data. Indeed thanks to Big Data, our world of computer transport and logistics is set to get even busier over the coming 3 years as the number of data centres on our island grows.

Fact: Did you know that Ireland is home to 30 data centres already? 

Why Ireland?


(1) Climate

Ireland has a moderate climate which provides the perfect conditions for data centres as they must be kept in a cool environment at all times.

(2) Connectivity

If you Google data centre locations in Ireland, you will notice the common denominator being that they are all located along the M50 motorway. Not only is this ideal for logistics but it also means that they have access to the T50 fibre trunking system which runs from north to west Dublin.

(3) Low Corporation Tax

Ireland still maintains the lowest corporation tax in Europe which is a key reason for some of the world’s best known companies setting up their EU headquarters in our capital city.


What can we expect?


It has been reported that authorities are already sourcing land banks in regional areas of the country to house the projected large scale data centres that are set to be built between now and 2020. The reason they are moving outside of Dublin is to avoid adding more pressure to the electricity grid in Dublin.

If all plans fall into place, reports suggest that Ireland will grow in this area by a massive 74% by the end of 2020. One thing is for sure, this is an exciting space to be in and all of our team here at ATC HQ are very much looking forward to embracing what lies ahead.

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