Rigid Truck, Computer Transport, A look back at the last 6 months

To date, 2017 has proven to be a hectic and productive year for ATC as we embarked on some exciting projects. Now, at the end of the first 6 months, I decided to take a moment to reflect on what has been a great year to date.

(1) Expansion of Our ‘White Glove’ Service

This year we have expanded our ‘White Glove’ service offering to new markets, including Denmark, France and Sweden; and just last month we announced the expansion of our team in Frankfurt. ATC’s ‘White Glove’ services and our commitment to quality have proven to be of interest not only to data centre operators, but also global logistics providers who need a final mile service.

(2) New Warehouse in Dublin

In our hometown of Dublin, we announced the opening of a new operating base and warehouse to support our expanding services across Europe.

(3) Employment Opportunities

The expansion of our facilities in both Dublin and Europe has meant that new job opportunities opened up in a variety of areas. Creating new opportunities is something that I am very passionate about as ATC’s services can only be as good as our team.

(4) New Wheels

Another thing that I am very passionate about is ATC’s fleet of vehicles, which is why I was very excited in June when we introduced some new additions to the family. Getting into city centre data centres is a tight squeeze, so we have added a 10.5m city trailer and a new rigid truck which will make short work of those sites! You will see these vehicles across Europe on our ‘White Glove’ service. The rest of the year should see a few more additions to the fleet, so watch this space.

(5) Blogging

Probably something that has surprised me the most is this area of blogging which is way out of my comfort zone and something I never thought I would do. Anyone who knows me knows that the ideas plan flow non-stop, so these blogs have been an excellent way to slow down and reflect on a topic in detail. Our industry is going to change dramatically in the next five years; I am looking forward to leading that change in ATC. I hope you are benefiting from the articles I have provided so far and can see some insights into the future services needed in the industry.

Stay with me, and the team at ATC, to see what other exciting developments take place in the next six months.