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ATC Rally Behind AWS InCommunities Initiative

Everyone has a hero that they look up to, and for us, one of those hero's is Thomas Carroll, who is the AWS InCommunities volunteer group ambassador for Dublin – our hometown. What is AWS InCommunities? To give you some background, AWS InCommunities is a global...

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ATC Achieves 98% in Risk Prevention Rating from RSA

  Following a recent audit of the roadworthiness of our vehicles and drivers' safety practices, the RSA ranked ATC in the 98th percentile on its risk prevention rating. The score means that ATC's risk of an incident is 98% lower than industry peers. The score is...

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ATC Opens New Operations HQ in Frankfurt

2021 has gotten off to a hectic but very positive start for ATC. We have navigated our way through a global pandemic and BREXIT, achieved accreditations from the FTAI Truck Safe programme, broke soil for our new European HQ in Dublin, and most recently moved into our...

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Be Part of the ATC Team

  In ATC, our greatest strength is our staff. We embrace mentoring and cross-training within our teams, and promote a culture of development, training and self-improvement, both internally and from industry bodies.   We are always keen to hear from people...

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3 Areas to Be Ahead of Come January 1st

With January 1st 2021 a little over a month away, there is still much ambiguity around Brexit and the impact it will have on our industry. Regardless of how ongoing negotiations pan out, there is undoubtedly going to be delays and frustrations as the UK and EU get to...

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