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ATC Acquire Two Additional Actros Units

AT ATC, we take great pride in the people we hire and the standard of the fleet we use to provide our logistics services. To this end, we have invested in a fleet of specialist trucks ranging from 'rigid' which are suitable for city data centres, to articulated trucks...

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A look back at the last 6 months

To date, 2017 has proven to be a hectic and productive year for ATC as we embarked on some exciting projects. Now, at the end of the first 6 months, I decided to take a moment to reflect on what has been a great year to date. (1) Expansion of Our 'White Glove' Service...

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An Insight into ATC’s ‘White Glove’ Service

Last week, we were delighted to announce that we are expanding our team in Frankfurt, where they will be working to expand our 'White Glove' logistics and data centre services. To mark this news, I decided to do a deep-dive on the term 'White Glove' and explain...

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The Hidden Costs of Logistics in Data Centre Management

Before writing this blog, I decided to conduct some research on the subject of running a data centre more efficiently. I consulted Google, which returned an array of results including the popular topics of energy/heat efficiency and reducing the impact on the local...

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Is security in transit your blind spot?

According to FreightWatch International, “the average value of a stolen shipment in transit amounted to over $300,000 in 2013”. Unfortunately these figures continue to dis-improve with LPM Insider reporting that cargo crimes have risen by over 150% in recent years and...

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