The story of Tony, the voice behind our video and driver of one of our Arctic Trucks.

Up to this point, our blogs have centred around the industry, ATC’s offering and our trucks. This month, we decided to hand the keyboard over to our man of the moment Tony, who you see in the video we just launched.

Over to you Tony…

So as you may have seen from the video, I’ve been working as a truck driver for many years now. We tend to live in a bit of a world of our own when we are out on the road. Yes, we never feel alone with 40 of us on the go at any one time here in ATC. But most of the time it’s one man, one truck. Let me share some more insights into my life as a truck driver for ATC.


Home Away from Home

When we head out on the road for a week at a time, the truck is where we spend the majority of our trip. Many would assume that we park up and stay in hotels but that simply isn’t the case. The truck is our home. We have a bed, wardrobe space, even a fridge! It’s our home away from home and a rather comfy one at that. ATC have upgraded all of their arctic trucks making for a very comfortable drive and comfortable living environment.


My Truck, My Responsibility

Just like we would with our home, we take pride in our truck but it’s not just that. There are legal requirements for our safety and the well-being of other road users. Before any journey, I undertake a series of safety checks on my truck to ensure that it is road worthy. Driving your own truck on a day to day basis, you get to know its sound and what is right and suspicious sounds that indicate a possible fault with the machine. That is why I believe in one man, one truck.


Places to See

As I said in the video, one of the aspects of my job that I love most is getting to visit different places. As a truck driver, you’ve a certain amount of hours you can drive for in a week before you have to take a 24-48 hour break. During this time, you can hang out in your truck or you can make the most of where you are and go explore. The latter is what I love to do, you get to see so many wonderful places that you might not have even considered before and get a nice cooked meal.


People to Meet

Another great aspect of my job is getting to meet new people from all walks of life. Not only do we share a relationship with our customers, we also meet people along the way who you get to know by name. This is very comforting when you’re away from home. For instance, there’s a service station in Sweden that I always stop in to refuel and refresh for the journey ahead. The lady in there now knows me by name and we always have a great chat – that’s nice.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

I’m off to find out where my next journey is taking me too.

Until next time,