Logistics Apprenticeship First 100 Days

Pictured L-R: Adrian, Minister John Halligan and Tomás at the Launch of the DIT Logistics Associate Apprenticeship

This month, Alan has handed over the reins of the company blog to me. As the Logistics Manager at ATC, my role is to manage the day to day running of our operations in Dublin and across Europe. In September 2018, we made the decision to become a member of DIT’s first ever Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Programme – you can read the full story here.

After a lengthy application process, we had the pleasure of welcoming Tomás to our team where he has been working at our Operations Centre near Dublin. Today, Tomás has kindly answered a couple of questions about his experience of the first 100 days which we are delighted to share with you.

Over to you Tomás.


(1) Why did you decide to apply for the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Programme with DIT?

I applied to the apprenticeship programme in DIT as I wanted to pursue a career in logistics. I’ve always had such an interest in the industry, so I felt this would be a big stepping stone and that it would help to kick start my career in supply chain.


(2) Have you always had an interest in this industry?

I have always had a strong interest in the logistics and supply chain industry but from a different perspective. I always had an interest in the trucks etc. Which I still do, but I love working in the office learning about the different routes across Europe.


(3) How did you feel when you were offered the apprenticeship with ATC?

I felt very lucky to be offered an apprenticeship with ATC as I knew from my interview that I would learn a lot with the company. The management team seemed to have a great interest in education and I felt that they would be very hands on with helping me from the start.


(4) What are the key learnings that you have gained from this apprenticeship so far?

From a work point of view, I have learned many things from this apprenticeship to date; from basic admin skills to learning how to plan the itinerary for the trucks and manage large volumes of work throughout Europe. From a college point of view, I have also learned many things from how to write an assignment to presenting a project in front of a class. I gained knowledge about different aspects of the industry including Deep sea, freight forwarding etc.

(5) Tell us what you are enjoying most about working for ATC?

I enjoy many things about working at ATC. I love the fact it’s not the same work day in day out, it can vary. We could have a new job anywhere in Europe that comes with different challenges to overcome and I like that. Also, the fact that the management team have an open door policy really helps as I can go in and talk to them which helps a lot when i’m trying to learn.

(6) What are your ambitions for the next 100 days?

My ambition for the next 100 days is to gain as much knowledge as possible and to get good results in my exams in April. I also would like to be assigned to one department/country that we work in to deal with the clients in that area.


We are so pleased to be part of such an innovative programme and I intend to expand our engagement with apprenticeships, traineeships, and internships in the very near future.

Thanks for reading Tomás’s story.