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Data Centre Technical Services

ATC provides a range of services for cloud services providers. ATC can cable your data centre while building your server and networking racks. ATC manages the positioning of inbound racks, connecting power and data, and onboarding into your production systems. When a data centre reaches end-of-life, we work with you to decommissioning or refresh the equipment.

Logistics Management & Planning

Technology companies and cloud service providers now have worldwide supply chains. ATC will manage inbound logistics with your global vendors to ensure just-in-time deliveries by air, road or sea to your sites across Europe.

White Glove & Final Mile Service

Technology companies and cloud service providers now have worldwide supply chains. ATC provides a local white glove service which allows you combine efficiency and quality to ensure just-in-time deliveries by air, road or sea to your sites across Europe.

Computer Transport

ATC provides dedicated transport services across Europe. Our high specification vehicles and expert drivers ensure that you meet your deadlines for delivery. Our service doesn’t stop at the loading bay, we will bring equipment to its final destination, then connect it to power and networks.

Secure Asset & Media Disposal

Managing end-of-life IT equipment, including and the secure disposal of HDD, SSD and magnetic media, is a critical concern for all IT business. ATC provides a full solution, including certified destruction and recycling.

Delivering Data Centers

Across Europe

ATC Computer Transport & Logistics (IE)

2059 Castle Drive, Citywest Business Campus,
Saggart, Co Dublin, Ireland

ATC Transport UG (DE)

Fasanenweg 9 M,
65451 Kelsterbach,

ATC Computer Transport & Logistics (UK)

18 Hercules Way,
Hampshire, GU14 6UU,
United Kingdom

ATC Computer Transport & Logistics (NL)

Postbus 43,
1380 AA, Weesp,
The Netherlands













Brno, Czech Republic

Newport, Wales

Berlin, Germany

Biere, Germany

Hemel Hempstead, UK



Lulea, Sweden

Clonee, Ireland

Brno, Czech Republic

Odense, Denmark

Sarvar, Hungary

Manchester, England

Zurich, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

*Actual locations are confidential, nearest town/city shown

Delivering to Data Centres in Europe;

A Driver’s Perspective

ATC WebGraphic 22 New Data Centers
ATC WebGraphic Zero Accidents 2019
ATC WebGraphic Expansion in Frankfort
ATC WebGraphic 32 percent increase in headcount

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