ATC Trucks

In the logistics industry, it is imperative that we are equipped with only the best tools in order to do our job and maintain the 100% standard that we and our clients enjoy today. Recently, we were proud to introduce a new member to our fleet, the 10.5m ‘city trailer’, and placed order for additional Mercedes Actros tractor units which are currently being fitted out in Germany.

Our trucks and trailers are not only finished impeccably but they contain lots of technological advancements, many of which we would not have had in earlier versions of our fleet. This got me thinking about just how much our trucks have evolved over the past 30 years and the appreciation that myself and my team of drivers have for these constant advancements that are being made in the industry.

Environmental Factors

Today our industry is much more regulated when it comes to environmental impact that our trucks have, particularly the level of emissions produced. In order to adhere to these regulations, our trucks are build with fuel efficient Euro engines. More specifically they are equipped with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), I’ll let you Google the rest.


Years ago, it was quite difficult for companies to track and trace their goods as they travelled from one destination to the next. Today our trucks have built in GPS tracking and communication systems which means that our clients can gain access to the location of their goods as they make their way across Europe whilst remaining in contact with the driver.

In addition, our trucks contain a sophisticated security system to ensure the upmost safety of our clients shipments.

Electronic Logs

Drivers have to keep logs of the hours they have driven in the week, fuel used etc. This task used to be quite arduous having to manually fill out these documents on paper. It also took up considerable space in the cabin of the truck. Now our drivers have electronic logs which not only speed up the process but ensure better control for the company.

Faster Lead Times

Our modern fleet can adapt more easily to different client requirements than previous versions. This, along with careful planning, gives our drivers the agility to complete shorter lead times.

We continue to invest in high specification vehicles here at ATC and we can’t wait to see what the next 30 years brings in new developments.