Jeffrey Boyce LAA Interview

As another of our apprentices from the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship completes his 2-year course, we sat down with Jeffrey Boyce to hear about his experience.


Why did you choose to take part in the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship?

The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship is a fantastic entry-level point for school leavers, mature students or career changers. It is a 2-year higher certificate course with apprentices working 4 days a week and attending TU Dublin for 1 day a week.

I had previous experience as a production operative and forklift driver in a busy horticulture greenhouse. When I heard about this programme, I viewed it as the entry point I needed to get into the logistics industry.

It gives you the chance to earn and learn. When researching companies and applying for apprenticeships, one company that stood out for me was ATC.

ATC was very different from other companies. What stood out to me is that they had a specialised area of operation in the ever-growing data centre industry.


What advantages do you feel the apprenticeship program has given you to get ahead of others in the industry?

This programme allows the apprentice to gain valuable experience on the job while gaining the academic knowledge to complement this. Following on from the two-year higher certificate, apprentices can then enter full-time education or continue with part-time, blended learning and work to gain more experience and knowledge.

I personally believe the emphasis on learning on the job gives the apprentice an unrivalled advantage over a full-time student within the same industry. Gaining experience and an academic qualification at the same time is key to filling the shortage of skilled workers within the industry, and this has been well executed by all parties involved in the planning and running of this programme.


What have you enjoyed about being an apprentice at ATC?

I’ve enjoyed my time at ATC as an apprentice. My mentor has been a great help and very supportive to me. He has always been on hand to help in the on-the-job development, but would also lend a hand with any assignment or project I struggled with.

I began my ATC journey out on the road with our installation team serving all our customer’s needs. During that time, I enjoyed gaining the basic knowledge of the companies’ operations and improving my teamwork and communication skills. Coming towards the end of my apprenticeship, I have changed my role and am currently the transport planner for our Dublin region. Using my exposure and experience of our day-to-day operations in Dublin, over the last year-and-a-half, has definitely helped me in my new role.


Tell us about your future plans now that you have completed your apprenticeship.

After finishing out my apprenticeship exams and project, I am hoping to go on and further my studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I hope to undertake the Level 7 degree course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management run by CILT in conjunction with IT Carlow.

ATC has been great in encouraging apprentices to continuously learn on the job, by regularly introducing us to new tasks as well as supporting our further education from the applicable academic institutes.

Overall, the apprenticeship programme has been a great experience for me. As a mature student, I entered into education for the first time since leaving school. The TU Dublin lecturers and Declan Allen created a very warm and welcoming experience to cater to all our needs during the programme.


ATC Now Taking Applications for Logistics Associate Apprentice

ATC is currently recruiting for an apprentice to join our team in Dublin. The Logistics Associate Apprentice will work as part of the team that plans and coordinates routes across Ireland, the UK and Europe, as well as daily manpower allocations in Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Milan.


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