ATC TruckSafe Accreditation

We are delighted to share the news that ATC has achieved gold and green certification, once again, from the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTA Ireland) TruckSafe programme.


Gold Standard in Safety

This is ATC’s 2nd year receiving this accreditation, and it is of particular significance to us as one of our core values is safety. FTA Ireland’s mission aligns with our values; “to help members to develop safer, more efficient and sustainable supply chains and transport operations.”

Gold is the highest standard awarded under the FTA Ireland TruckSafe programme. The programme audits operational compliance in several areas, including driver training and fatigue management, roadworthiness and driver competence, to name a few.


Driver Training and Fatigue Management

FTA Ireland wants to ensure that drivers remain informed on instructions related to driver’s hours logged and working time rules. At ATC, education is essential to us. We provide our drivers with a handbook detailing rules around driver hours and more. We also operate in line with the Transport Asset Protection Agency (TAPA). This means that our drivers regularly receive training on different aspects of their roles.

Our driver’s vehicles are also equipped with two digital systems to track their GPS and log other journey details, such as fuel consumption hours driven.


Fleet Roadworthiness

It’s policy that our drivers undertake walk around checks of their vehicle and file a report online before setting off on any journey. Should there be an issue with the vehicle, our drivers have access to vehicle support services Europe-wide as a Proudly European company.

However, it is essential to note that we carry out preventative maintenance inspections on all in-bound and out-bound vehicles. ATC’s in-house qualified mechanic conducts these checks.


Driver Competence

ATC conduct annual license, and driver CPC checks to verify the status of all of our driver’s licenses and ensure they have completed their CPC training.


Green Standard

Sustainability is also a core value of the business. In 2021, we were thrilled to announce that we were one of the first companies in Europe to receive the “Green” standard. This award means a great deal to us as it recognises our efforts to prioritise our policy of reducing carbon emissions within our fleet and our commitment to this goal.

Our Fleet Supervisor, Pawel Kowalski is responsible for managing the fuel consumption of our vehicles with the support of an online system that measures the litres consumed per 100kms travelled.

ATC view reducing our carbon footprint as paramount to the sustainability of our operations. This goal is driven from the top-down, championed by our Management Team and implemented right through to our highly professional and experienced drivers.


Our job is not done.

We are continuously seeking improvements; our fleet replacement project is ongoing with Euro 6 Engines and Solar panels installed in all vehicles. Software has been installed on all vehicles to ensure the most fuel-efficient choices are made. Other company-wide efforts include adopting paperless transactions where possible.

Last week, we also announced that we are trialling HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to improve vehicle Eco-Performance.


Alignment with Our Clients Environmental Policies

ATC strive to deliver “Green” services to our clients as part of our sustainability commitment. We are committed to supporting our customers’ carbon emission reduction strategies, and ATC’s projects will be integral parts of reducing the carbon footprint of cloud supply chains.

We believe carbon reduction across all industries is a must if supply chains and logistics flows remain sustainable.

Today we celebrate being recognised by the FTAI for our efforts to uphold the Gold and Green TruckSafe standards and thank them for the work they do.